Job Interview Coaching

Work with a professional interview coach and nail your next job interview

Nervous About an Upcoming Interview?

The interview process can be daunting. Perhaps you’ve not had many job interviews, or not for a very long time. Or, perhaps your nerves get the better of you in job interview situations. Even senior executives often struggle to articulate their achievements under pressure.
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Don’t Miss Out on the Job You Want

No matter what you have achieved in your career or how perfect a fit you are for the role, you need to be able to ‘sell yourself’ in an interview. That means having a ‘bank’ of achieveemnts you can draw upon, whatever the interviewer throws at you.

Work With a Professional Interview Coach

We provide behavioural interview training to help you develop responses to the types of questions you’ll likely get in the interview.  These will vary depending on your industry and the job you are applying for. As experienced HR leaders, we understand the types of questions and answers that are required in job interviews. We can help prepare you to put your best foot forward. We offer interview coaching for private sector and public sector jobs (including APS, state and local government roles).

Interview Coaching Benefits

Our sessions can be tailored to your individual requirements and generally include the following:

  • Improved confidence and reduced nerves, helping you perform better and make a positive impression on the interviewer.
  • Identification of a personal interview strategy, based on your key achievements and strengths
  • Increased chances of success, leading to more job offers and better career opportunities


Interview Coach Session ($150):


  • 1 hour video coaching with your interview coach, inclusive of mock interview and feedback
  • A copy of our Pre-Interview Preparation Worksheets

Video coaching includes:

  • Tips and tools to help you overcome nerves
  • Initial practice of mock interview questions, based on the role you are applying for, with support to improve your responses.
  • Assistance to prepare your answers using the STAR method 
  • Help to utilise appropriate body language and build rapport with the interviewer
  • Feedback on how to improve your answers and stand out amongst the competition​ 
  • Support to develop a list of questions for the interviewer.
  • NOTE: Additional 1 hour sessions may be purchased if required.

Potential Interview Questions


  • Common interview questions e.g. “Tell Me About Yourself”.
  • Tricky interview questions, e.g. “What are your salary expectations”?
  • Behavioural-based interview questions e.g. “Tell me about a time you handled a conflict at work.”

We Help Make the Interview Process as Painless as Possible

While every interview will likely cause some nerves, we know that going into an interview well-prepared will significantly improve the process for you. We aim to make the interview preparation process as painless as possible. Our interview coaches excel in providing outstanding client service, at every step of the way.  Once you have booked a service with us, our process is straightforward.


1. We review the role you are applying for and develop our list of questions.

After you book, your interview coach will spend time reviewing the role you are applying for. She will develop a list of potential interview questions. You’ll book a time for your video session at a time that suits you both.

2. You and your coach will meet via video link-up and hold a 'mock interview'.

You’ll have an hour to spend with your interview coach via video. Your interview coach will spend time asking you potential interview questions, and you’ll have the chance to respond. We will teach you the ‘STAR’ format for responding to behavioural-based questions.

3. We provide clear, practical feedback to hone your responses.

Your coach will spend time providing you with feedback about your responses. We’ll suggest ways to build upon and improve your answers, so you have a ‘bank’ of responses you feel confident discussing in any interview.


“I am so happy with the professional resume you have created.  Definitely gives me confidence.  Thank you so much for this, I really am speechless at how incredible it reads.” – James, Aviation Manager

​​”I wanted to thank you for all your work regarding the resume writing and application…I have since had a call and have a job interview on Thursday…I would like to thank you for helping me get this far as it is a very tough panel to go through.  I will be highly recommending you.” – Jenna, Administration Professional (Government)

“I have heard back from approximately 90% of jobs that I applied for although staying with my current company I have had numerous opportunities to leave with reputable high paying companies.  I have strongly recommended your services to several colleagues of mine.” – Andy, Boilermaker

“A bit more feedback (good news)…I applied for a position at the Hotel…the position I applied for I had little experience but due to my flexibility and the resume you did and the covering letter, I was granted an interview…and offered a full time permanent position and I was able to choose my days off..not bad for being a woman age 56!.” – J, Housekeeping Supervisor

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