TAS Health Selection Criteria Example – Workers Compensation Consultant

Last Updated, 13 January 2020
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Written by Nicole Wren

TAS Health Selection Criteria Example – Workers Compensation Consultant

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This application successfully led to interview.  It was a 4-page application, addressing 5 key selection criteria.  Included is the winning statement from a very popular key selection criteria, regarding communication skills:​

Demonstrated high level interpersonal, written and oral communication skills, including an ability to liaise and negotiate with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders on complex issues:

In my role as a Customer Service Advisor at XXX, I attended conciliation conferences at the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal and mediation at the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Tribunal to negotiate settlements, resolve disputes around ongoing entitlements and other aspects of workers’ compensation benefits. These conferences were attended by solicitors / barristers acting for the injured person as well as legal professionals under my instruction.  I was able to utilise strong communication skills by briefing these professionals thoroughly.  For example, I explained why I believed a worker could return to work in some capacity and at what hours.  I was able to obtain several positive outcomes through this method, in the form of successful settlements between parties.  

I have demonstrated strong written skills in this role. Legislation dictates that a worker’s wages steps down at 45 weeks to 75% of the weekly wage if a person is totally incapacitated. Upon review of a particular file I realised that the step down had not been applied to a particular worker’s claim and she had been receiving full wages for an additional period of approximately 26 weeks. The worker’s claim was a stress claim and dealing with her employer or insurer was extremely traumatic for her. I formulated a letter advising her that the stepdown had been inadvertently looked over and this being the case there were two issue I need to raise. 1. She would now be stepped down to the 75% of her wages as per Division 3, Section 19, and Paragraph 3 and 2. She now had an overpayment debt payable back to QBE. The letter I drafted advised the worker of these two facts, citing the relevant sections of the Act as well as offering her a payment plan in order for QBE to recoup the overpayment. I was aware that I would likely receive very negative feedback from her and even create more stress for her. This being the case I offered her the payment plan as opposed to a lump sum debt repayment option.  She accepted my proposal and did not indicate any further aggravation based on this information.

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