Qld Government Selection Criteria Examples – AO2 to AO6

Last Updated, 13 January 2020
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Qld Government Selection Criteria Examples – AO2 to AO6

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Examples

If you’re aiming to secure a role in the Queensland public sector, ensuring you understand how to write your selection criteria response is key. Your selection criteria (often referred to as a ‘cover letter’ in Queensland government applications) requires strong examples addressing the criteria in the application guidelines, using the STAR format. Read our Queensland Government selection criteria examples below to get an idea of what is required. Our selection criteria writers are experts in helping you develop strong examples to meet the criteria, as well as writing winning applications. Contact us for a quote if you need further assistance.

Queensland Government Selection Criteria Examples

Administrative Officer (AO2)

The application guidelines for this role specified the following:

How You Will Be Assessed:

• Good communication skills and the ability to liaise with a variety of stakeholders and provide client centric services.
• Ability to use electronic office equipment, including computers, photocopiers and telephone systems.
• Experience in managing time, and prioritising competing tasks, preferably in a legal environment.
• Experience in use of computer software, including the Microsoft suite, as well as use of databases and other record management systems.
• Ability to work as a member of a team, and to work independently to deliver services.
• Professional approach to work, including a high standard of ethics and integrity.

Qld Government Selection Criteria Examples (Completed Response)

Dear Contact Name and Selection Panel,

I am pleased to submit my application for the role of Administration Officer – AO2 (Reference: XXXX) with the Department of XXXX. I have 15 years’ experience providing secretarial and administrative support to multidisciplinary teams and am confident I have the relevant experience, abilities, knowledge and personal qualities for this role, as follows:

As a Legal Assistant at XYZ Law Firm, I consistently demonstrated exceptional communication skills and a strong ability to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders to provide client-centric services. One notable example of this was when I was assigned to manage a complex litigation case involving multiple parties, including clients, opposing counsel, and court personnel. To ensure effective communication, I initiated regular meetings with our clients to provide updates on case developments, address their concerns, and gather feedback. In one instance, the client had a specific request for case documentation delivery. I liaised with our internal team to expedite the process and met the client’s request ahead of schedule. This proactive approach not only strengthened our client relationships but also contributed to a successful case outcome, earning positive feedback from our clients and demonstrating my commitment to delivering client-centric services.

My proficiency in utilising electronic office equipment, including computers, photocopiers, and telephone systems, has been a cornerstone of my effectiveness in various roles. At ABC Legal Services, I was tasked with digitising and organising extensive legal documentation for a high-profile case. I leveraged my expertise in operating modern office equipment to efficiently scan, catalog, and store vital legal documents. Additionally, I streamlined communication within the team by configuring and maintaining our telephone systems, ensuring seamless and reliable communication channels. As a result, we significantly reduced the time spent searching for documents and improved overall team efficiency, directly contributing to the successful handling of the case.

In my previous position as a Paralegal at LMN Law Associates, I honed my time management and task prioritisation skills while handling a heavy caseload in a fast-paced legal environment. One notable instance where my abilities shone was when I was tasked with preparing for multiple court appearances, client meetings, and document reviews simultaneously. To efficiently manage these competing tasks, I adopted a strategic approach. I implemented a digital calendar system to schedule appointments, court dates, and deadlines, ensuring that I never missed a critical date. Furthermore, I created a task prioritisation matrix, which helped me allocate my time effectively to meet urgent deadlines while maintaining the quality of work. My organised and proactive approach enabled me to consistently meet deadlines, exceed client expectations, and achieve positive case outcomes.

My proficiency in computer software, particularly the Microsoft suite, along with my experience in utilising databases and record management systems, has been instrumental in optimising workflow and data organisation. At DEF Legal Solutions, I was responsible for managing a vast database of legal documents and client information. I implemented advanced features of Microsoft Excel to create custom tracking spreadsheets, significantly reducing data entry errors and retrieval time. Additionally, I collaborated with our IT department to upgrade our record management system, enhancing its efficiency and security. As a result, our firm experienced improved document accessibility, reduced data loss risks, and streamlined information retrieval, ultimately enhancing our operational effectiveness.

In my role as a Legal Clerk at PQR Law Firm, I showcased my ability to work harmoniously within a team and independently to deliver exceptional legal services. In one particular case, our team was presented with a challenging deadline for filing a crucial brief. I collaborated closely with my colleagues to divide responsibilities and ensure everyone’s strengths were leveraged effectively. Simultaneously, I took the initiative to research and draft a key section of the brief independently, knowing that time was of the essence. This collaborative and independent approach allowed us to meet the deadline, presenting a well-structured and compelling brief that impressed our clients and contributed to a favorable court ruling. My adaptability to both team and individual work settings illustrates my commitment to delivering services effectively.

Throughout my career, I have consistently upheld a professional approach to work, characterised by a high standard of ethics and integrity. As a Legal Assistant at MNO Legal Services, I encountered a situation where I discovered an error in a legal document that, if left unaddressed, could have had serious consequences for our client. Despite the pressure to meet a tight deadline, I immediately reported the error to my supervisor, demonstrating my commitment to ethical conduct and client interests. Together, we rectified the mistake promptly, ensuring the client’s trust and safeguarding the firm’s reputation. This incident underscored my unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all aspects of my work.

In conclusion, my professional experiences have equipped me with the skills and qualities necessary to excel in the role, addressing each of the selection criteria with specific, outstanding examples. I am confident in my ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders, adeptly utilize electronic office equipment, manage time and prioritize tasks, navigate computer software and databases, work both collaboratively and independently, and uphold the utmost standards of ethics and integrity. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring my expertise and dedication to your organization and contribute to its success.

Thank you for considering my application. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this role further at interview.

Yours Sincerely,

Client Name.

Senior Injury Management Consultant (AO6)

The application guidelines for this role included:

Key competencies
All employees are expected to role model leadership behaviours. This role requires the leadership competencies of an individual contributor as outlined in the Leadership competencies for Queensland.
• Makes insightful decisions – gains insight into issues by analysing the available information in a critical manner.
• Builds enduring relationships – Communicates in a clear, succinct and deliberate manger, adjusting the message so that it resonates with different stakeholders.
• Drives accountability and outcomes – demonstrates careful planning and organisation to achieve results.
• Fosters healthy and inclusive workplaces – demonstrates personal responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of self and others.
• Demonstrates sound governance – demonstrates respect and appreciate for legislation and policy frameworks by consistently operating to key standards.
• Experience in managing rehabilitation and illness and injury management matters in a in a government context, including WorkCover responses, internal briefs and case management.

Here is the letter:

Dear Contact Name and Selection Panel,

I am pleased to submit my application for the role of Senior Injury Management Consultant (– AO6 (Reference: XXXX) with the Department of XXXX. I am confident my experience, abilities, knowledge and personal qualities stand me in excellent stead for this role, as follows:

As an Injury Management Consultant, my ability to make insightful decisions is vital in facilitating the recovery of injured employees and reducing workplace injuries. In a previous role at XYZ Corporation, I demonstrated this by critically analysing injury data and identifying trends. By examining incident reports, medical records, and conducting interviews with affected employees, I gained valuable insights into the root causes of workplace injuries. This information allowed me to recommend targeted safety improvements and implement proactive measures. As a result, we achieved a 15% reduction in workplace injuries within the first year, demonstrating my vision for a safer and healthier work environment.

I understand the importance of building enduring relationships with injured employees, medical professionals, and insurance providers. At ABC Rehabilitation Services, I worked closely with injured employees to provide support and guidance throughout their rehabilitation process. I communicated in a clear, succinct, and deliberate manner, ensuring that all stakeholders were well-informed about the progress and expectations. By fostering trust and collaboration, I successfully expedited the return-to-work process for numerous individuals, resulting in a 25% reduction in workers’ compensation claim costs and a 20% decrease in lost workdays.

I consistently drive accountability and outcomes in the field of injury management. At LMN Health Solutions, I was responsible for overseeing the entire injury management process, from initial reporting to case closure. I developed detailed case management plans, emphasising careful planning and organisation. By closely monitoring each case, adhering to timelines, and facilitating regular communication between injured employees, healthcare providers, and supervisors, I ensured that cases progressed efficiently. This approach led to a 30% decrease in average case duration and a 15% reduction in claim costs, demonstrating my commitment to achieving positive outcomes through accountability.

In the role of an Injury Management Coordinator, fostering healthy and inclusive workplaces is paramount. I consistently demonstrate personal responsibility for the health, safety, and wellbeing of injured employees and their colleagues. At DEF Health Services, I established a comprehensive return-to-work program that focused on accommodating injured employees’ needs and limitations. I actively engaged with employees to understand their concerns and worked collaboratively with supervisors to modify job tasks when necessary. As a result, our workplace became more inclusive, and injured employees felt valued and supported, ultimately leading to a 40% reduction in lost workdays and an improvement in overall employee morale.

I maintain a deep appreciation for sound governance and compliance with relevant legislation and policy frameworks. While serving as an Injury Management Coordinator at DEF Health Services, I ensured that all injury management processes adhered to state and national regulations. I conducted regular audits to assess compliance and implemented corrective actions when necessary. By consistently operating to key standards and regulations, our organisation avoided costly fines and legal disputes. My commitment to sound governance safeguarded the organisation’s reputation and financial stability.

My experience in managing rehabilitation and illness and injury management matters in a government context, including WorkCover responses, internal briefs, and case management, is a testament to my technical expertise. While working at JKL Government Agencies, I successfully managed a caseload of complex injury cases. I prepared detailed WorkCover responses, providing comprehensive documentation and legal analysis to ensure compliance with government requirements. My proficiency in case management software allowed for efficient tracking of case progress and timely communication with all stakeholders. As a result, our agency consistently achieved favorable outcomes in WorkCover claims, reducing financial liabilities and protecting our employees’ rights.

Thank you for considering my application. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further at interview.

Yours Sincerely,

Client Name

We hope these Queensland Government selection criteria examples have been helpful. Please contact us if you need further assistance with your application.

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