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We specialise in nursing resumes and selection criteria applications (including Queensland Health nurse roles)! We are experts in working with you to uncover and explore suitable examples to meet the application requirements and in putting it together into the required format. Below is a Queensland Health cover letter example, for a Clinical Nurse position.

This was a winning application requiring the Queensland Health favoured 2 page application letter, demonstrating the key attributes.  Here is a snippet from the letter:

I have five years’ experience as a Clinical/ Registered Nurse within the XXXX Unit at XXX Hospital, including the past 12 months acting in the role of Pre-Admission Nurse. Upon commencing in this brand-new role, I was tasked with creating a service to assist in dramatically reducing the high non-attendance rate and waitlist numbers for endoscopy procedures, and to support effective patient care.  Throughout this time, I have effectively reduced the DNA rate from 10% to 1%.

This has been achieved through leading the development and implementation of a range of policies and procedures, inclusive of contacting each patient (20-30 on a daily basis) between four days and two weeks in advance of their scheduled appointment, to discuss their appointment and how to effectively prepare for it. I have provided education and support to a range of patients with diverse clinical presentations, including patients with diabetes, mental health conditions, tetraplegia, and many more. I have provided clinical advice regarding how to prepare for colonoscopies, including if and when to cease existing medications (including anticoagulation medications) in preparation.

I have provided practical support to assist patients access appointments, including facilitating transport, hospital beds in case of needing additional support, and interpreters to address language barriers. Through providing this education and support, patients are educated about what is required, which greatly improves the likelihood they will attend ready and prepared. I have received excellent feedback from patients, who have been extremely grateful for this support and who have indicated this to have greatly improved their overall patient experience with the hospital. 

Having previously accomplished setting-up a very similar facility at the XXX in 2006, I was confident in my ability to manage the development of the Pre-Admission Nurse role within the XXXX Unit, and have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills during this time.

I have developed a range of systems integral to the role of the Pre-Admission Nurse.  This includes the development of a database to record each phone call made by the Pre-Admission Nurse, recording basic patient information, the date of my call and their scheduled appointment date.  I have also ensured a section for recording the length of the phone call. This information is used to access financial incentive for the hospital, which is allotted to each 15-minute phone call.

I have also developed a checklist completed during each patient phone call, where I review and record important information including any allergies, any significant medical issues such as cardiac/ respiratory or renal issues, any additional needs such as hoists, the patient’s living/ support arrangements etc.  Once completed, I ensure this checklist is pinned to the front of the patient’s admission sheet, enabling the medical team to quickly be altered to important information to inform the patient’s care.  I have received very positive feedback from staff who note this process has significantly improved efficiency upon admission.​

I have advanced clinical evidence-based skills, knowledge and practice.  In my role as XXXX with XXXX, I was consistently called in to assist during complex emergency presentations, where patients often had unknown medical diagnoses, and their prior medical history was unknown.  I responded to such emergencies by conducting a range of rapid assessments and developing and implementing effective treatment plans.  I frequently am required to retrieve patients to transport them to definitive care i.e. a major trauma centre, which sometimes can be up to a 2.5-hour flight away.  I have demonstrated my ability to work independently within such situations, as I am often the only nurse attending to the patient. For example, a patient was picked up with massive internal injuries, and I was responsible for his care. The patient became very critical, and I had to implement resuscitation. The patient regained consciousness and was able to undergo emergency abdominal surgery in hospital and recovered well. I have previously worked in other remote and rural settings, including XXXX, where I similarly developed my skills in applying high quality care independently…

We hope this Queensland Health cover letter example snippet was helpful in preparing your application. We can help prepare your Queensland Health application wherever in Queensland you may be. Contact us!

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