ACT Government Selection Criteria Examples – ACT Health

Last Updated, 26 October 2021
Written by <a href="" target="_self">Nicole Wren</a>

Written by Nicole Wren

ACT Government Selection Criteria Examples – ACT Health

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When writing selection criteria for an ACT Government role, it is vital that you correctly address the application requirements.  You will usually be asked to provide some sort of written response, whether this be formally responding to a set of selection criteria or ‘what you require’ section, or a more casual ‘pitch’-style or EOI-style written response. These ACT Government selection criteria examples should help inspire your own response.

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ACT Government Selection Criteria Examples (ACT Health) – Executive Assistant

1. Demonstrated ability to undertake a range of high level administrative support tasks to support an Executive Group Manager. 

In my current role as Executive Assistant with Canberra Health Services, I am required to provide a senior level of administrative support for the Director Finance and Business, Manager of Executive Services and Finance and Business Officers respectively. I have gained extensive experience in an executive support role, including but not limited to: scheduling appointments, organising travel and accommodation arrangements, coordinating meetings and managing the Director of Finance and Business’ emails and diary, following up and initiating action if needed, screening visitors and phones calls and redirecting where appropriate. Other administrative and executive support duties I manage are; attending to correspondence, drafting and preparing routine correspondence and reports, maintaining incoming and outgoing mail register, coordinating the collection of data and preparation of written reports to be presented for executive staff as directed.

2. Well-developed verbal and written communication skills, including the strong ability to effectively liaise with a range of key stakeholders and develop effective working relationships.

My ability to place people at ease using sensitivity and a perceptive approach opens the way to very effective communication.  I find it easy to build relationship and trust when establishing communication with others. I always endeavour to get my point across and encourage others to have their say. I implemented these skills when a new employee joined the department, I was responsible for ensuring he had all relevant network directories information, systems access, stationery, building access card, ID card and phone in place. On commencement of the new employee all resources were in place, I made myself available with any queries or directions he needed during the day.  I received excellent feedback from the employee regarding this assistance.

In my current role I participate in a monthly Finance team meeting. I contribute ideas that often lead to the success of various projects. In a recent meeting, I suggested a new more efficient process for the coordination of FTE applications and developed the direction while others within the Finance and Business team contributed to other areas of the project. Effective teamwork led to a fast implementation time and a more efficient process for Managers, Finance and Business Officers and the WNHS FTE Coordinator.

3. Proven ability to work in a collaborative team environment and effectively contribute to initiatives and outcomes. 

Throughout my career, I have often been called upon to train and supervise other staff. In my current role, I have trained fellow Administration Officers in tasks such as preparing and processing mail, using the Skype for Business phone system and completing Authority to Care letters. I recently trained a colleague in using the Integrated Customer Management System (ICMS), in order to produce Authority to Care (ATC) documents. I patiently sat with the team member, talking them through the process and then asking them to demonstrate the process. The staff member is now independently completing this task.

4. Excellent word processing skills and experience with computer based systems.

I am adept in all Microsoft Office software and a large portion of my time is spent preparing letters and reports for staff members and clients alike using Microsoft Word. In my role as Personal Assistant to the XXX General Manager I used detailed information in Excel spreadsheets to prepare employment documentation for forwarding to the Executive Director and input into the Path West  FTE management spreadsheet to ensure disciplinary budgets are not over. I often prepared major PowerPoint presentations for my manager and maintained a database of her contacts. I also managed many daily emails and searched for information on the Internet to answer questions.

On a number of occasions, I have worked together with the Senior Management Accountant to complete PC replacement projects.  With my financial skills I was able to run an asset report for all of NPSR which I then exported into an Excel spreadsheet and while inserting filters and formulas I was able to report on the desktops that were to be replaced by specific date and within the financial year.  After identifying and liaising with regional offices I was able to report on the number of PCs that needed replacement as well as the cost involved. After collating all the information, I liaised with the Senior Management Accountant and the Area Manager who then approved the ordering of the PCs. All PCs were delivered and timeframes met the current financial year budget and assets were allocated to the correct location code accordingly.

5. Ability to maintain confidentiality and use discretion in seeking and relaying information.

As Assistant to the Director of Nursing, I have dealt with confidential documents and case notes throughout my time in the role. Due to the sensitivity of these documents I exercised discretion in seeking and relaying information and managed these securely and confidentially by demonstrating an understanding of confidentiality principles such as being aware of who is around when discussing sensitive issues, marking confidential emails appropriately, securing documentation, locking printing and locking my computer whenever I am not at my desk.

I am also responsible for managing the confidential document bin. I ensure these are chain locked at all times and when full (approximately every 2-3 months), I email the contracted company to collect the bins, replacing them with new bins (which remain locked at all times). The locked bins are taken away for the documents to be destroyed, as contracted. I am of the understanding that they are kept chain locked at all times until taken to the depot where shredding and destruction of the documents is completed.

6. Demonstrates a commitment to Work, Health and Safety (WHS) and displays behaviour consistent with the ACT Public Service Values and Signature Behaviours.

I actively demonstrate ACTPS Employee Values of Respect, Integrity, Collaboration and Innovation are enshrined in the Public Sector Management Standards and carry the endorsement of the Head of Service and the Strategic Board. In 2019, there were departmental discussions regarding concerns around organisational culture, identified within staff feedback surveys. As a key member of the Wellbeing Committee, I utilised knowledge developed within my Diploma in Positive Psychology, to implement a Staff Recognition Program, as an efficient, cost-effective way to boost morale. I identify feedback from staff during my consultations and (anonymously) pass on feedback through a ‘Recognised’ card I designed. Within the first two days of the program, I received six emails of thanks from staff, and I have had extensive positive feedback from the executive team for its positive department-wide influence.

We hope these ACT Government selection criteria examples help you write your own application.

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