How to Get Into Mining In Queensland in 2024

Last Updated, 15 January 2024
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Written by Nicole Wren

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How to Get Into Mining In Queensland in 2024

by | Jan 15, 2024 | Career Advice

Working in mining in Queensland is an attractive career choice for many. As a team specialising in mining resume writing services, we are contacted on a daily basis by jobseekers wanting to break into this field.

One of the most notable advantages is the high earning potential. Many mining jobs offer competitive salaries and compensation packages. But many jobseekers wonder how to get into the mines in Queensland.

Mining in Queensland

According to the Queensland Government, Queensland is home to over 70 major coal mines and 200 metalliferous mines. More than 200,000 people are employed across the Queensland mining sector.

Which Queensland Mines Offer the Most Jobs?

In Queensland, Open Cut Coal Mining offers the most number of jobs, by far.

Graph showing job number for each Queensland mine type

Is it Hard to Get Into the Mines?

It can be hard to get into the mines, since often, mining companies prefer experienced personnel. However, entry-level positions are sometimes advertised, especially in regional mining locations.

Where to Find Entry-Level Mining Jobs


It can help to know someone already in the mines, as they can help you get your foot in the door. If you don’t know anyone in the industry, remember that every interaction is a potential connection! Next time you’re at a BBQ, or even the local pub, you just never know when someone will be able to put you in touch with a new mining opportunity, so don’t be afraid to bring it up and see what results.

LinkedIn is an online professional networking platform where you can follow mining companies, join industry groups, and discover job openings posted by mining companies or recruiters.

Job Search Websites

Entry-level mining jobs in Queensland are usually advertised on major job search websites. You can search for “entry level mining jobs” to find suitable vacancies on these websites. You can even set up an alert to have jobs sent automatically to your inbox when they are advertised.


Seek is a popular job search platform in Australia and often has a wide range of Queensland mining job listings, including entry-level mining jobs.

Image of seek job search website, showing search for entry level mining jobs in Queensland


Indeed is another well-known job search engine that lists various job vacancies, including those in the Queensland mining sector.


Jora is another search engine that offers Queensland mining job vacancies.

Mining Company Websites

Many mining companies post job vacancies on their official websites. Check the websites of specific companies you’re interested in working for.

Queensland Mines Offering the Most Jobs

Queensland’s Bowen Basin offers the most mining jobs in Queensland. The following Queensland mines offered the most jobs in 2023:

Mining in Queensland

Curragh Open Cut Mine (Thiess)

Curragh mine is located 30km north of Blackwater in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. It employs approximately 10420 people annually.

Goonyella Riverside Open Cut Coal Mine (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance)

Located 30km north of Moranbah, in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. Operated jointly by BHP and Mitsubishi Development. It employs approximately 10032 people annually.

Peak Downs Coal Mine Open Cut Mine (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance)

Peak Downs Coal Mine is located 31km southeast of Moranbah on Queensland’s central coast, Peak Downs is the most productive coal mine in Queensland. It provides approximately 9800 jobs annually.

Blackwater Coal Mine Open Cut Mine (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance)

Blackwater Coal Mine is located southeast of Emerald, on Queensland’s central coast, Blackwater is one of the longest coal mines in the Southern Hemisphere. It produces a mixture of thermal and coking coals. It employs approximately 8720 people annually.

Weipa Mine Bauxite Mine (Rio Tinto)

Weipa Mine is located in Weipa, 819 km north west of Cairns. It employs approximately 8956 people annually.

Saraji Coal Open Cut Mine (BHP/ Mitsubishi Alliance)

The Saraji mine is an open pit coal mine located near Dysart in Queensland’s Bowen Basin. It employs approximately 8392 people annually.

How Do I Start Working in the Mines?

While it can be tough to get a start working in the mines in Queensland, there are things you can do to increase your chances:

Get a Local Address

Often, mining companies will prefer local residents. This means having a local address can be very beneficial to your job search, and some jobseekers do relocate to areas like Queensland’s Bowen Basin to maximise their chances of getting a start in the mines.

Ensure a Top-Notch Mining Resume and Cover Letter

With competition for entry-level mining jobs in Queensland often being fierce, a quality resume and mining cover letter can help you stand out. Mining employers often employ Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to manage their applications, which means you will need to use mining-specific keywords throughout your documents. ATS-friendly keywords for mining resume and cover letters will depend on the role you are applying for, but may include some of the words below.

Keywords for Mining Resume:

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Safety protocols
  • Mine safety inspections
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Hazard identification
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair and servicing
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Equipment inspections
  • Collaboration with mining teams
  • Communication with engineers and geologists
  • Shift coordination
  • Reporting and documentation

We offer specialised mining resume writing services in Mackay, Cairns, Townsville and Brisbane.

Get Your Application in Quickly

Some large mining companies will have a certain number of applications they will review (for example, 100), and will select candidates for interview from this batch. When there are sometimes several hundred applications for an entry-level role, it pays to get your application in quickly, soon as you see a job is advertised. This is when resume writing services that turn applications around within 24 hours (like ours!) can help.

Get Some Basic Tickets

Some tickets like Working in Confined Spaces, Working at Heights and a Standard 11 may help to boost your resume and showcase your suitability for the mining sector. Alternatively, if you have a role in mind you want to apply for, identify the tickets that are needed (by viewing several job ads in that field), so you will be well-prepared.

Entry-Level Mining Jobs in Queensland

Driller’s Offsider/ Driller Assistant

A Driller’s Offsider, also known as a drilling assistant or helper, plays a crucial role in supporting the drilling operations conducted by a driller. It can be a labour-intensive role, where repetitive lifting of >30kgs is required.

What Qualifications Will You Need?

  • Manual Driver’s Licence (required)
  • First Aid/ CPR (sometimes required)
  • HR licence (sometimes required)

Dump Truck Operator

Dump trucks operators haul loose materials, such as sand, gravel, and dirt, which can be unloaded quickly and efficiently from the truck bed. These trucks are often used to transport large volumes of material over relatively short distances.

What Qualifications Will You Need?

  • Manual Driver’s Licence
  • HR licence (sometimes required)

Haul Truck Operator

Haul truck operators transport heavier loads over longer distances. They are typically used in mining and quarrying operations, transporting large amounts of raw materials, such as coal, iron ore, and limestone, from the mine or quarry to the processing plant. 

What Qualifications Will You Need?

  • Manual Driver’s Licence
  • HR licence (sometimes required)

Now you have some tips for how to get into the mines in Queensland, all that’s left to do is to put them into action. Please contact us with any further questions.

View our mining cover letter template.

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