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Even the most experienced medical professionals and healthcare executives can find writing their own CV challenging. We are one of the few Australian resume services who specialise in medical and healthcare CVs. Our medical CV writing service help qualified medical professionals progress in their careers.

Why Work With Our Medical CV Writing Service?

Specialised Expertise

We are uniquely positioned to specialise in medical and healthcare CVs. Our medical CV writing services are staffed by healthcare resume writers who understand the unique requirements and nuances of medical CVs, and will ensure that your document stands out among the competition. We understand the specific requirements of Australian government applications (including state hospital requirements) as well as for applications in the private sector.

Comprehensive Packages to Suit You

We thoroughly review any roles you want to apply for, and advise on a package to effectievly meet the application requirements. This may include a resume/ CV, cover letter and selection criteria package. We also offer interview coaching.

Optimisation for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Many healthcare institutions utilise ATS software to streamline the recruitment process. Our healthcare resume writers offering our medical CV writing service are well-versed in optimising CVs to pass through these systems, increasing your chances of being noticed by hiring managers.

How Our Medical CV Writing Service Works

Initial Quote

We ask that you send through your current resume or CV, along with links to any job roles of interest. We healthcare resume writers will then provide a quote, which may include the CV development, cover letter development and selection criteria, depending on the roles you are applying for.


Once you decide to proceed, our process typically begins with a consultation, where you discuss your career goals, experience, and preferences with a professional CV writer.

Document Gathering

You’ll provide any relevant documents, such as certifications, and accolades, which we will strategically incorporate into your documents.

CV Writing

The CV writer will draft your medical CV, that showcases your skills, qualifications, and accomplishments in a clear and concise manner.

Revision and Feedback

You’ll have the opportunity to review the draft CV and provide feedback. The writer will make any necessary revisions until you’re completely satisfied with the final product.


Once finalised, your new CV will be delivered to you via email, in Word and PDF. Your Word version is fully editable for the future, if required.

Medical CV Writing Service Fees

Medical CV Writing Service: $549

Suitable for roles including:

  • Junior Doctor
  • Intern Medical Officer (IMO)
  • Resident Medical Officer (RMO)
  • Junior House Officer (JHO)
  • Post-Graduate Year 1 (PGY1)
  • Post-Graduate Year 2 (PGY2)
  • Resident Medical Officer Level 1 (RMO Level 1)
  • Resident Medical Officer Level 2 (RMO Level 2)
  • House Officer
  • Registrar
  • Senior Resident Medical Officer (SRMO)
  • Medical Registrar
  • Emergency Registrar
  • Psychiatry Registrar
  • Surgical Registrar
  • Physician Registrar
  • General Practice Registrar (GPR)
  • Trainee Medical Officer (TMO)
  • Senior Medical Officer (SMO)
  • Consultant Physician (or Consultant)
  • Consultant Surgeon
  • Specialist
  • Staff Specialist
  • Clinical Director
  • Director of Medical Services (DMS)
  • Director of Clinical Training (DCT)
  • Clinical Lead
  • Head of Department
  • Associate Professor of Medicine

Senior Professional & Executive Resume Writing Service

Our resume writing service is suitable for Australian executives and senior staff applying for private sector or government roles.

Medical Selection Criteria Writing Service

We offer selection criteria writing for medical roles in state and private hospitals. Contact us for a quote.

What’s Important in a Medical Resume?

A medical CV in Australia may have a different layout to a resume in another industry. As a guide, you should include the following:

Personal Details: including your name, contact information, qualifications, and medical registration number, positioned at the top for easy reference.

Education and Qualifications: Clearly outline your educational background and qualifications, including the institutions attended and completion dates.

Professional Career History: Present a concise overview of your professional experience, focusing on roles that directly relate to the position you are applying for.

Clinical Skills and Experience: Highlight your clinical skills, experience, and history, emphasizing your proficiency and expertise in relevant areas.

Volunteer Experience: Include any volunteer work or community service relevant to your medical career, showcasing your commitment to serving others.

Research Experience: Detail your involvement in research projects, publications, presentations, and any contributions to advancing medical knowledge.

Professional Development: List any professional development courses, workshops, or conferences you have attended to stay abreast of industry advancements.

Awards and Honours: Showcase any awards, honors, or scholarships you have received, underscoring your exceptional achievements and recognition within the medical community.

Additional Skills: Highlight any supplementary skills or languages spoken that may be relevant to the role, further enhancing your qualifications.

Professional Referees: Provide contact information for two to four professional referees who can attest to your capabilities and character.

Investing in a professional medical CV writing service is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your career trajectory. Our healthcare resume writers can position you for success in the competitive Australian job market.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

We also offer nursing resume writing services and allied health resumes.

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