Cairns Regional Council Cover Letter Example | Executive Assistant

Last Updated, 8 October 2021
Written by <a href="" target="_self">Nicole Wren</a>

Written by Nicole Wren

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Cairns Regional Council Cover Letter Example | Executive Assistant

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When applying for Cairns Regional Council employment, it’s important to carefully follow the application guidelines.

(Our Cairns Resume Writers are experts in these applications, by the way!). Cairns Regional Council employment can be highly competitive.

Usually, the panel will request a copy of your resume as well as a comprehensive cover letter addressing the three main elements (i.e. Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Expertise and People Oriented Skills and Attributes) as detailed in the full selection criteria.  It is important to note that unless you address these elements, your application will not be accepted.

Your Cairns Council cover letter should be 2-3 pages and should include detailed examples demonstrating how you meet the selection criteria. Individual Cairns Council jobs will specify what each element includes, so ensure you thoroughly read and address each element.

Here is a Cairns Council cover letter example of a snippet from a winning application:

Client Name
Address, Cairns, Queensland

Manager Human Resources,
Cairns Regional Council
119-145 Spence Street

To Whom It May Concern:
I wish to apply for the position of Executive Assistant, REFERENCE NUMBER: 13XXXX, that was advertised on

I hold a current Queensland driver’s licence.  I have 25+ years’ experience in senior administration roles, within both the public and private sectors. This has included roles with various local councils, including Secretary to the CEO at Mount Isa City Council and Senior Revenue Officer at Richmond Shire Council.

Knowledge, Skills and Expertise
Within my role as Practice Officer, I dealt regularly with highly complex, sensitive information. For example, I was responsible for taking minutes at several highly sensitive negotiations over ILUAs, between the State, Traditional Owners, legal representatives etc.  I ensured I took clear and concise notes which were then circulated between meeting members.  My effective note taking ensured follow up actions were documented and more effectively completed. I ensured confidentiality requirements were adhered to during this process.

I am highly proficient in the use of Microsoft packages, SAP, Best Practice and a multitude of other databases.  In my role as Practice Officer, I have produced high-quality documents using Word and PowerPoint, including department briefs, and reports to Department of Natural Resources Mines in relation to sensitive matters. I also complete a weekly newsletter in a timely and accurately manner using Word. I utilise Excel to maintain spreadsheets to monitor the usage of contract labour and machinery, and consistently ensure these costs are kept within budget.

In my supervisory roles, leading a team of up to seven, where possible I would rotate duties between staff, as this improved staff engagement whilst also reducing the impact in the team when someone was on leave.  I created work procedures and a one-page ‘cheat sheet’ to enable roles and tasks to be completed consistently, efficiently and accurately…


(Note, Cairns Council jobs require a lengthier cover letter than is provided here, but this Cairns Council cover letter example gives an idea of how to structure your application).

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Nicole Wren

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