7 Tips For Coping With Job Loss

Last Updated, 31 January 2023
Written by <a href="https://www.resumestoimpress.com.au/career-resources/author/nic/" target="_self">Nicole Wren</a>

Written by Nicole Wren

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7 Tips For Coping With Job Loss

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Career Advice

Losing a job can leave you feeling lost and uncertain about your future. Unfortunately, in today’s economic climate, redundancies can be common. If you’ve just been let go from your job, read these tips to help you cope and move forward with confidence. 

1. Take the time to grieve.

You may feel a range of emotions, including anger and anxiety. This is totally normal. You need time to grieve and process what has happened. Sometimes, it may be helpful to speak to a professional about how you’re feeling. A psychologist can assist you to process and manage your feelings and develop a plan for going forward.

2. Reframe the situation.

While it is normal to be feeling a range of emotions right now, try to look for the positives, too. Chances are, you were not 100% happy in your role, and a new, better opportunity for you may be just around the corner. Take the time to think deeply about what you really want from a role, and start to look forward to what that might be.

3. Maintain a routine.

Work provides us with a clear routine for our days, and losing this can often be very detrimental to our wellbeing, making negative feelings about our situation worse. Try to keep up a routine as much as possible. Include activities like exercise, seeing friends and family and – of course – job seeking activities. For example, you may like to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to looking at online job search sites like seek.com.au and applying for roles.

4. Update your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Make sure your documents are up to date and ready to deploy once you find a suitable opportunity. Connect with potential employers and recruiters on LinkedIn to increase your network and job opportunities.  

5. Utilise opportunities provided by your employer to move forward with your career.

Often, employers will provide outplacement support to their employees, and this can be very valuable when you are getting ready to apply for new roles. 

6. Stay positive.

While it can be hard dealing with rejections from job applications (or worse, not hearing anything back!), try to remember that the process takes time. Take the time to write a list of your career achievements to date. This process can renew your confidence, while at the same time ensuring these are fresh in your mind ready to deploy at your next job interview!

7. Consider your options.

If you’re struggling to move forward in your career, perhaps your motivation is a factor. Consider if what you are applying for is really an area of passion for you, or if you would be better off in an entirely new field. You may like to focus on where your passion is, and look for ways to build this into your career. For example, you could look at volunteering in an area of interest, in order to build valuable experience for your resume.

While there is no denying that losing a job can be tough, maintaining a positive outlook and planning for the future can help you move forward with confidence.

Nicole Wren

Nicole Wren

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Nicole is the principal resume writer at Resumes to Impress. Nicole loves writing and sharing her knowledge about all things job hunting and career guidance.

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