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Key Selection Criteria Teaching Examples & Guide (Victorian Department of Education Roles)

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Are you applying for a teaching position in Victoria? Dive into our comprehensive 25-page guide (INSTANT DOWNLOAD) for writing your selection criteria response.

This guide has been meticulously developed in consultation with Victorian principals, teachers and panel experts. It’s designed to alleviate the stress of writing selection criteria for teaching roles in Victoria.

Our Victorian Teacher Key Selection Criteria Guide Includes:

  • Example Responses
  • Ideas for Writing Your Own Examples
  • Practical Guidelines
  • Step-by-Step Approach
  • STAR Method Guide
  • Interactive Worksheets
  • Checklists

Download now and learn how to write your Victorian teacher application effectively.

Our comprehensive Victorian government teaching application guide includes a simple 3-step process to help you write your application with confidence. The guide includes extensive key selection criteria teaching examples to make writing your own application a breeze.

What You’ll Get In Our 25-Page 2024 Victorian Teacher Selection Criteria Guide:

  • Comprehensive key selection criteria teaching examples for EVERY CRITERION including the ‘high impact teaching strategies‘ and ‘DET values‘ criteria
  • Key selection criteria examples for different career stages including graduates and senior staff
  • Length and formatting guidelines for your resume, cover letter and selection criteria
  • A 3-step process to write EACH CRITERION
  • A guide to the STAR method
  • Worksheets to develop your examples
  • Resume, cover letter and selection criteria checklists

Our comprehensive guide will help you write your Victorian teacher application with confidence. Developed by Victorian teacher selection criteria writing experts – in consultation with Victorian education leaders – our 25-page guide is available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

Includes Full Example Responses in STAR Format for EACH of the Five Common Criteria i.e.:

​SC1. Demonstrated knowledge of the relevant curriculum, including the ability to incorporate the teaching of literacy and numeracy skills. Demonstrated experience in responding to student learning needs.

SC2. Demonstrated experience in planning for and implementing high impact teaching strategies, guided by how students learn, and evaluating the impact of learning and teaching programs on student learning growth.

SC3. Demonstrated experience in monitoring and assessing student learning. Demonstrated experience in using data to inform teaching practice and providing feedback on student learning growth and achievement to students and parents.

SC4. Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills. Demonstrated experience in establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with students, parents, colleagues and the broader school community to support student learning, agency, wellbeing and engagement.

​SC5. Demonstrated behaviours and attitudes consistent with Department values. Demonstrated experience in reflecting upon practice and engaging in professional learning to continually improve the quality of teaching.

Our key selection criteria responses examples for teachers in Victoria will help you understand exactly what to include in your own application.

Here’s a Sample of Just One (of MANY!) Examples for SC1 (Use These Examples as Prompts for Your Own):

SC1. Demonstrated knowledge of the relevant curriculum, including the ability to incorporate the teaching of literacy and numeracy skills. Demonstrated experience in responding to student learning needs.

With 15 years’ experience as an Educator, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the Victorian Curriculum F-10, and what each student should learn in primary school and up to Year 10. I regularly review the current curriculum to inform lesson plans and reporting processes. I adjust lessons and modes of delivery when required to ensure all students are provided with the most effective, targeted learning opportunities. I understand literacy and numeracy skills are vital to so many aspects of our lives, and I ensure these are embedded in all lessons and learning experiences.

As a grade 3 teacher at Sample Primary School, I was instrumental in contributing to the review, redevelopment and implementation of the school’s English and Mathematics curriculum program. I provided review and feedback of whole-school benchmarking programs used including Essential Assessment, which provided individual curriculum levels, allowing for the development of goals from the areas students needed to improve on. I also provided input into the sequencing of key learning areas across each year of schooling, as well as individual content and standards for individual units. This was an extremely successful approach, with increased clarity around both assessment and learning content within the school.

I was able to implement the program effectively. For example, teaching writing to grade 3 students, I implemented lessons around developing an information report on the Great Barrier Reef (this topic, whilst aligning with curriculum standards, was of particular interest to my class, with several students having visited). I commenced the unit by offering students samples of information reports, identifying their features and genre. I was then able to introduce and explore topics on planning, composing, publishing and editing.

Following classroom lessons, whole-school assessments were again conducted and moderated. As a cohort, my class’s results were significantly above expectations compared to other classes, and individual students showed significant growth, emphasising the effectiveness of my teaching of the Victorian curriculum…

Note: there are FULL 1 page responses for EVERY criterion within the guide.

We’ve helped hundreds of teachers learn how to write their applications effectively!


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  1. Kevin Peters

    Highly recommended, these applications are tough! This guide was really a big help.

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    Super helpful!

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    An excellent resource to assist with writing job applications. Examples helped me to understand the criteria questions and helped to set everything out. Definitely worth purchasing

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    Excellent product. Simple and easy to use. Great examples.

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    It is a good handbook to reference when you need extra support

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    Thank you so much. Best buy ever. Has been a great help. Thanks again Janelle Macdonald

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