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We write professional selection criteria applications for APS, WA Government and Local Govermnent jobs.

Our Selection Criteria Writers Perth Can Write Your Winning Application.

We are expert selection criteria writers for APS, WA Government and local government jobs in Perth and regional WA. We are experts in nursing selection criteria writing.

Located in Kalamunda, WA, we can assist with your selection criteria application via phone and email whererer you are in WA, from Perth CBD through to the remote WA regions.

We can deliver your documents promptly and according to application deadlines.

We offer a range of packages depending on the role you are applying for and length requirements. For roles up to mid-level tier, fees are $15 per 50 words, or $150 per page.

What Are Selection Criteria?

Selection criteria are the specific qualifications, skills, attributes, and experiences that employers use to evaluate job applicants for a particular job. These criteria are typically outlined in the job advertisement. Selection criteria can vary widely depending on the job and organisation.

When applying for a job that includes selection criteria, you need to provide detailed responses (usualy using a STAR or similar method) with examples from your career that demonstrate how your experiences align with each criterion.

Addressing selection criteria effectively in a job application is crucial for being shortlisted for an interview and ultimately securing the position.

How Our Selection Criteria Writers Perth Can Assist You

We are highly experienced selection criteria writes and will work with you over phone or email to complete your project.

Our service includes:

  • Thorough review of the application guidelines
  • Comprehensive strategy to address specific panel requirements
  • 1:1 consultation via phone or email, where we ask questions to gather specific, relevant examples to address the selection criteria
  • Use of the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action and Result)

We can assist you navigate the complicated selection criteria application process to move forward in your career with ease.

Our Perth Selection Criteria Writers Assist With All Roles

We are experts in APS, WA state government and local government applications.

You can find government jobs in WA here:

APS Jobs in WA

WA State Government Jobs

Local Government – check your local council Careers website

We can write professional selection criteria and professional resumes so you can submit a comprehensive application.

Nursing Selection Criteria Writers Perth

We are expert nursing job selection criteria writers in Perth. When writing your WA Health nursing application, you will usually be asked to provide a detailed curriculum vitae, along with a cover letter or statement addressing the selection criteria (usually up to 3 pages – length requirements can vary).

Selection criteria will be deemed ‘essential’ or ‘desirable’. Nursing and midwifery selection criteria will usually relate to these skills: clinical, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, continuous improvement and legislative compliance.

We can assist. Contact us for a quote.

Selection Criteria Writing Services Fees

Most application guidelines will include length guidelines for your selection criteria response. This will either be in a per page or per word count format. 

If no guidelines are provided as to preferred length, we recommend 1/3 of a page per criterion, or approximately 150 words.

Please contact us with a link to the role you are applying for so we can provide a full quote.

You can also include a professional resume in any selection criteria service.

Fees for Roles Up to Mid-Level Tier:

Fees for Mid-Level to Senior Roles:

Our 4-Step Selection Criteria Writing Process


1. We review the application requirements and develop a comprehensive application strategy.

We thoroughly review your application documents and propose a strategy to highlight your most relevant skills and experiences. 


2. Consultation over phone or email at a mutually suitable time.

We’ll ask you targeted questions to draw out examples showcasing your skills and experience. You can respond via phone or email. We’ll work with you to get the answers we need.


3. We develop the documents

We develop the required documents in the preferred STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result)/ CAR (Challenge, Action, Result) or SAO (Situation, Action, Outcome) formats.  We meticulously ensure the application satisfies each point as fully as possible.

4. Review your documents and submit!

We send the documents to you for review – you can then request any changes if needed.

You’re then ready to submit it through the relevant application portal.

Selection Criteria Writers Perth FAQs

How long does the selection criteria writing service take?

Our selection criteria writers can normally turn around documents within 3-5 business days. Of course, we will always check the closing deadline of your job and advise whether we can meet it. Sometimes, we can complete urgent jobs more quickly, depending on our capacity.

How do you write a good selection criteria?

Writing strong selection criteria responses involves understanding each criterion, providing specific examples using the STAR (or similar) method, and tailoring your answers to the job and organisation. It’s crucial to focus on your actions, quantify achievements, and maintain relevance while addressing each criterion separately. It’s also vital to adhere to application guidelines, including length and formatting. Our selection criteria writers are experts in APS, State and local government requirements and can advise what is required.

What is the SAO method for writing selection criteria?

The SAO method is a variation of the STAR method used for responding to behavioral interview questions and addressing selection criteria. It stands for Situation, Action, and Outcome, and it is designed to help you provide clear and concise examples of your skills and experiences. Here’s a breakdown of the SAO method:

Can you use dot points in selection criteria?

It is usually acceptable to use dot points in selection criteria responses. Using bullet points can help make your responses more concise and structured, making it easier for assessors to quickly identify key points related to each criterion. In general, you should use a combination of paragraph-style text with dotpoints included. It is essential to follow the application instructions and guidelines provided to ensure that your application is in compliance with the employer’s requirements.

How much should I write for selection criteria?

The length of your responses to selection criteria can vary depending on the employer’s guidelines and the complexity of the criteria. The application guidelines are usually state how long each response should be. If no guidance is given, we recommend 1/3 to ½ a page per criterion.

How do you answer selection criteria you don't have?

If you don’t meet one of the required selection criteria, sometimes it’s still worth putting in an application. You can emphasise any transferable skills, competencies, or relevant experiences that you possess, even if they are not an exact match for the criterion. Explain how these skills can be applied to address the underlying qualities or abilities sought by the criterion.

However, it is important to note that government applications are merit-based, meaning that if someone else better meets the criteria, you will be unlikely to be deemed the best candidate. This is different to private sector applications, where often a candidate’s ‘overall fit’ with the role and organisation is taken more into account.

What size font should a selection criteria be?

When writing selection criteria, the font size should be between 10-12. You should use a standard font like Arial or Times New Roman.You should always adhere to application guidelines if any specific advice is provided.

How do you write a statement of claims for a job?

APS often requires a statement of claims as part of their application process. Read an APS example statement of claims response here.

What is the STAR method for selection criteria?

The STAR approach is a widely used method for structuring responses to selection criteria, behavioral interview questions, and competency-based questions. It helps you provide clear and concise examples of your skills and experiences. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result:

Situation (S): Start by describing the specific situation or context where the experience occurred. Provide enough background information for the reader or interviewer to understand the scenario.

Task (T): Explain the task or goal you were required to accomplish within that situation. What was expected of you, and what challenges or objectives did you face?

Action (A): Detail the actions you took to address the task or situation. Be specific about what you did, including any skills or competencies you applied. Focus on your personal contributions and decisions.

Result (R): Conclude your response by describing the results or outcomes of your actions. What happened as a direct result of your efforts? Use quantifiable data when possible to highlight achievements and impact.


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