Sample AIN Application/ Aged Carer/ Disability Carer Application

Last Updated, 2 March 2022
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Written by Nicole Wren

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Sample AIN Application/ Aged Carer/ Disability Carer Application

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The following examples may be used as a guide when writing a selection criteria for an AIN application, Aged Carer role, Disability Support Worker/ Assistant in Nursing or Enrolled Nurse.  You’ll note these employ the STAR format for writing selection criteria (Situation, Task, Action, Result). If you would prefer a professional writes your selection criteria, please get in touch!

Sample AIN Application

Effective interpersonal skills

Throughout my career, I have worked across several different hospitals throughout Australia. I was able to develop my interpersonal skills within a range of different populations.  For example, I interacted differently with patients and families in the paediatric ward compared to adult wards.  Within the paediatric ward, I used a more calming, explanatory approach, and also liaised more with the families including parents, ensuring I took time to answer their questions and concerns. While working in the adult wards, I often assisted in very sensitive tasks like toileting and showering. I ensured I utilised a compassionate, friendly and straightforward approach in these tasks, at all times maintaining each patient’s dignity as much as possible, and employing humour where appropriate. Patients became noticeably more relaxed during these tasks after I had built rapport with them and made them feel comfortable. 

Sample Selection Criteria for Aged Carer

Ability to assist clients with activities of daily living and other tasks as delegated by the Registered Nurse (RN).
Since 2015, I have worked as an Aged Carer at [Organisation].  Within this role, I have provided care and support to clients with a range of disabilities, including those with mental health issues, cognitive issues including dementia and physical issues including stroke.  I have provided assistance to support clients with personal hygiene, meals, medication administration and cleaning.  I currently support a caseload of up to five clients. I was recognised for my ability to support these clients and complete my duties effectively at a recent team meeting, being nominated by the RN for Team Member of the Month for my efficiency and commitment to meeting the needs of my clients.

Sample Selection Criteria for Enrolled Nurse

Ability to work effectively with colleagues and the multidisciplinary team.
I have proven my skills in communicating verbally within a multidisciplinary team.  For example, in my role as an Enrolled Nurse with [Organisation], I conducted a discharge review with a patient and noted he lived alone and due to his poor mobility, I determined the patient may require more support. I discussed my concerns with the RN, as well as the physiotherapist, who agreed with my suggestion that the patient may require further support.  I liaised with the Shift Coordinator and the patient’s doctor, reiterating my concerns. It was agreed the patient would be transferred to the sub-acute ward for further in-patient support, until he could increase his mobility and independence. As a result of my communication and teamwork skills, appropriate care was provided to this patient.

Sample Selection Criteria for Disability Support Worker

Effective written and verbal communication skills

In my role as a Disability Support Worker, I have been able to support clients understand and adapt their Care Plans when required.  For example, sometimes new Care Plans are completed by other staff members, often over the phone. Upon meeting a new client with hearing issues, and going over her plan, I realised she had not fully understood its contents.  I therefore explained the contents with her, ensuring she understood (e.g., by asking her to repeat back to me certain aspects) and addressed any questions she had about it.  I noted there were some missing details on the plan, and some areas that needed adapting to better suit her needs.  I was able to document this in her plan, and then distribute it to all relevant staff. Through my effective communication skills, the plan became an effective and relevant document that appropriately met the client’s needs.

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