Sample Resume For Aged Care Worker With No Experience (+ Template)

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If you are looking for an entry-level aged carer or disability support worker job, it’s important to develop a quality, targeted resume.

We’ve included a sample resume for aged care worker with no experience below, as well as our tips for how to write your own.

Start With a Professional Template

Your resume template should have a clean and visually appealing layout that makes your resume look polished and organised. This can catch the eye of hiring managers and create a positive first impression.

Make sure your template uses consistent formatting, fonts, and spacing throughout your resume. This makes your resume easier to read.

Some companies (especially larger ones) use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) software. Make sure your resume template is designed to be ATS-friendly, to enable it to be correctly parsed by these systems.

Using a well-designed template demonstrates your attention to detail and professionalism. It shows that you’ve put effort into presenting yourself in the best possible way, which can leave a positive impression on employers.

We recommend this easy-to-use template.

Highlight Relevant Qualifications

To work as an aged carer in Australia, you will require a Certificate III in Individual Support, Home and Community Care or Disability Support, as well as a Blue Card and NDIS Workers Screening Clearance.

Once you have these qualifications, make sure they are highlighted in your resume. You might like to discuss the subjects you completed (especially if you did well), particularly if you are struggling to come up with enough work experience to fill out your resume.

Focus on Your Placements or Volunteer Experience

Since you are required to complete 120 hours of placement to obtain your qualification, in either a residential aged care home or a community care centre, you should discuss in your resume what you were required to do, and what relevant experience you obtained. 

Focus on Transferrable Skills

If you have other employment experience, you should mention it in your resume, focusing on your transferrable skills. It’s likely you demonstrated skills like teamwork, communication and adherence to policies and procedures in other positions, too, so explain your duties and how they relate to the aged carer role.

Sample Resume for Aged Care Worker with No Experience Example:

entry level aged care worker resume example

You can purchase this resume template (with bonus cover letter template!) and use it to create your own personalised aged care worker resume.

We hope this sample resume for aged care worker with no experience has been helpful. Would you prefer our experts resume writers prepare your application? Contact us for a quote.

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