APS Pitch Example And How-To-Guide

Last Updated, 1 July 2024
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Written by Nicole Wren

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APS Pitch Example And How-To-Guide

by | Jul 1, 2024 | Writing Advice

Increasingly, APS applications are asking applicants to provide a ‘pitch’ as part of their job application. A pitch requires you to describe your motivation for the role, and how your skills and experience meet the key requirements. We outline how to prepare your pitch, and provide an APS pitch example, written for an APS5 Learning and Development Officer.

Pitch Structure and Content

Pitches can vary in terms of length requirements, and it’s important that you review application guidelines carefully and adhere to these length specifications. A general guideline for structuring your pitch is:

Opening Paragraph

Your opening paragraph should make up approximately 5-10% of the specified word count. Write a summary of your key skills and experience and how this is relevant to the role. Explain why you are interested in this role and highlight how you can make a meaningful contribution based on your understanding of the role.

Middle Paragraphs

Provide examples relevant to the role, in the CAR (Context, Action, Result) or STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format. Note, you should try to include examples that address 2-3 points within the position description, since due to length limits you are unlikely to be able to include a single example for every point.

Final Paragraph

Your final paragraph should make up about 5-10% of the overall word count. Include a few sentences concluding the application, explaining how you plan to make a strategic contribution, and link to relevant issues.

Pitching at the Right Level

When preparing your pitch, ensure the examples you use reflect the Integrated Leadership System competencies and Work Level Standards of the level of the role you are applying for. You should carefully review these documents before starting the writing process.
The information/ work instances included in the APS pitch example below reflect both the role and organisational context, as well as the ILS and Work Level Standards of APS5.

APS Pitch Example – APS5

Read our APS5 Learning and Development Officer pitch below. This role requested a 500 word pitch, and we ensured strict adherence to this length guideline, with the document coming in at 494 words.

Full APS pitch example for an APS5 role

I am an experienced Learning and Development professional with over seven years of experience in the public sector. My background in coordinating complex training schedules and managing stakeholder relationships is directly relevant to the Training Coordination Supervisor role at the Department of X. I am particularly drawn to this position because of its focus on joint warfare training and the opportunity to contribute to the professional development of military and civilian personnel. I am confident that my skills in budget management, adherence to strict deadlines, and exceptional communication will enable me to make a meaningful contribution.

At the National Training Institute, I identified opportunities to enhance training efficiency and effectiveness through innovative approaches. Recognising the need for streamlined communication and feedback mechanisms, I proposed and implemented a digital training management platform. This platform revolutionised our training coordination by enabling real-time updates, integrated feedback loops, and comprehensive resource management. By leveraging this technology, we achieved a 30% increase in training satisfaction rates.

During a critical training initiative where unforeseen logistical challenges threatened project timelines, my leadership skills came to the fore. As the Training Coordinator, I led a cross-functional team in devising contingency plans and reallocating resources to mitigate delays. I facilitated regular crisis management meetings, providing clear guidance and support to team members under pressure. By maintaining open communication channels and fostering a proactive approach to problem-solving, we successfully navigated the challenges and delivered the training program on schedule.

Our team faced a challenge regarding the prioritisation of training content versus deployment timelines within a key training program. The disagreement stemmed from differing stakeholder perspectives: while senior management prioritised meeting aggressive deployment deadlines to maintain operational schedules, our team, representing training coordination, advocated for a comprehensive training approach that emphasised depth and quality of content. As the team representative, I articulated how our proposed training methodology not only met but exceeded industry benchmarks. I highlighted the strategic advantages of investing in comprehensive training upfront, illustrating how it would mitigate operational risks and enhance long-term mission effectiveness.

Navigating through multiple rounds of discussions and negotiations, I engaged in constructive dialogue with stakeholders, including senior management and operational leads, I addressed concerns about timeline constraints while advocating for a balanced approach that ensured both timely deployment and robust training outcomes. Ultimately, my efforts culminated in gaining stakeholder buy-in and securing the necessary resources for implementing our training strategy. This success not only preserved the integrity of the training program but also reinforced our team’s reputation for delivering high-impact training solutions aligned with organisational excellence.

In this role, I will utilise my expertise in training coordination to enhance the effectiveness of the Department of X’s training programs. I will use my organisational skills to improve processes and support the professional growth of both civilian and military team members. With a background in implementing innovative training strategies and fostering collaborative environments, I am committed to ensuring seamless training coordination that aligns with organisational goals and enhances operational readiness.

We hope this APS pitch example has been helpful in preparing your own application. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

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