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So, you’re keen to get a job in Antarctica?  Whether you’re looking to apply for a role in infrastructure, aviation, station support, trades or telecommunications, expeditioner applications open in December every year. The Antarctica application process can be daunting, as well as lengthy – taking up to eight months. This is because the hiring team needs to ensure each selected applicant is the right person for the job – once you get to Antarctica, you’ll be there for the duration of your deployment (it’s simply not practical to return early to Australia). Antarctica jobs applications are also competitive – it’s important to get it right.​

The Antarctica Jobs Application Process

As well as a written application, in your Antarctica job application you may be asked to complete a video interview, medical checklist, additional interviews and medical and psychological checks.  You may also be asked to attend an assessment centre.

Your Antarctica Application

The written application is the first step and opens in December. As a first step, you will be asked to submit a resume/CV. You will also be asked to address the required selection criteria. Your resume and application should be presented professionally and should include all details of your work experience and qualifications. This is vital to progress to the next stage, as the applications can be competitive, and the panel chooses the applicants who best demonstrate the criteria.

Antarctica Jobs Selection Criteria

The selection criteria will include both technical elements (depending on the role you are applying for) as well as personal qualities. The required criteria will be clearly listed within the role description.  Personal qualities are usually assessed at a later stage of the recruitment process, though it can be useful to start thinking of examples of how you meet these early on in the process, and to include them throughout your application. Personal qualities include aspects like ‘Community Qualities’ (such as Emotional Intelligence, Community Mindedness and Assertiveness) and ‘Organisational Qualities’, which show you are committed to the work of the Australian Antarctic Division.

While it can be hard to get Antarctica jobs, addressing each step comprehensively and accurately will significantly improve your chances.

Nicole Wren

Nicole Wren

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